Our Experience Equals Your Advantage

At Benchmark Higher Ed Associates, LLP, we are positioned to use our extensive experience to improve your institutional effectiveness. When staff resources are limited, Benchmark associates can provide the ongoing attention to reporting details needed to keep all constituents informed and oriented toward achieving institutional goals.


Benchmark Higher Ed Associates can expand your data collection efforts and create data analysis strategies to improve program effectiveness. By establishing report templates to track key performance indicators, Benchmark will guide you to better program outcomes. 


Student retention is essential to maintaining a consistent revenue stream. Benchmark Higher Ed Associates can identify data points to identify students at risk of leaving the institution. Engaging directly with students identified through early warning signs will improve first to second year retention, plus improve the graduation rate. 


Benchmark consultants are experts at creating outcome measures of student learning and administrative functions.  Share meaningful progress reports with each constituent group--donors, employees, foundation officers, and accreditors.


Let the extensive experience in fundraising of Benchmark consultants be your guide in developing realistic annual fund and major gift plans. By managing and analyzing gift records, hidden prospects will emerge and respond to your mission.